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Owner Herve Martin Harvesting Home Garden Vegetables

You may have heard of the 100 mile diet that advocates eating locally grown food produced within 100 miles of your home. The French Table may be considered a proponent of the 100 meter diet.

Herve Martin, chef/owner of The French Table grows many of the vegetables used in his restaurant from his home garden that is only a couple of blocks from The French Table. Everything is grown organically and the selection of produce varies with the seasons.Here is a short list of his garden vegetables used in dishes at the restaurant.

  • chives
  • onions
  • parsley
  • tomatoes
  • tarragon
  • rosemary
  • sorrel
  • green and purple beans
  • pumpkin

Besides vegetables, Herve sources other local meats, fruits and vegetables as well. You can often find him engaging with vendors at farmers markets and growers of unique local items such as sea asparagus.