Enjoy A Comforting French Dinner Without the Rush

Hello, I want to thank your patronage to The French Table. My staff and I appreciate your business and we always look forward to pleasing both long term clients and new customers. We know there is a popular dining event in Vancouver around this time of year. We purposely do not participate in that event due to the forced turnover that is required. We want our customers to take their time and enjoy their meal without feeling like they are rushed. We have a large collection of French and local wines to choose from and a selection of classic French dishes with weekly features from our chef. Come in, enjoy our laid back ambience and have a taste of France on Main St.! Best regards, Herve Martin

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The French Table Announces New Cheese and Burgundy Fondues

The French Table on Main St. is introducing two types of fondues that are perfect for the winter season. The Cheese Fondue is typical of what is served in the Eastern part of France in the Jura mountain range and the Alps bordering Switzerland. Consisting of dry white wine and Kirsh along with three types of cheeses, gruyere, emmenthal and appenzeler, this cheese fondue is rich and complex. Served with bread, new potatoes and green salad this is a wonderful dish for sharing. Burgundy Fondue, popular in the wine region for which it is named is atypical of what most people consider a fondue. There is no cheese, instead Burgundy fondue is made with meat cooked in a wine broth, specifically a pinot noir with aromatics. Burgundy fondue is served with nugget potatoes, green salad, and 5 different types of mayonnaise. Both fondues make for a great convivial experience for groups of two or more. For details and photos of both fondues see links below. http://thefrenchtable.ca/web/cheese-fondue-in-vancouver/ https://thefrenchtable.ca/burgundy-fondue/ More About The French Table:The French Table is a French restaurant located on Main St. Vancouver. It is Chef/Owner Herve Martin’s newest creation after a successful 24 year run at The Hermitage, a…

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Cheese Fondue In Vancouver

We offer cheese fondue every day of the week. $44 per person with a minimum 2 people per order. Cheese Fondue emmenthal, gruyere and appenzeler cheese with white wine, garlic & Kirsch nugget potatoes green salad cubed bread Prefer a meat fondue instead? Try our Burgundy fondue.Raclette? See details here. We have chocolate fondue too! No notice required, order anytime using the reservation form on this page! 604.689.3237 - Email: contact@thefrenchtable.ca

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