Herve Martin’s Traditional Crème de Cassis Recipe Brought To You By Odd Society Distillery

odd society creme de cassis

Chef Hervé Martin is proud to share his secret family recipe for Crème de Cassis with his friends at Odd Society. Master Chef Hervé Martin of the French Table and once the personal chef to the Late King Leopold III of Belgium has partnered with Odd Society Spirits to produce this French classic.

Made with the finest BC-grown blackcurrants. The best of Europe and the best of BC in a bottle.

Blackcurrant liqueur is particularly popular in France where it is often served as a digestif or in cocktails. Try a splash of it in wine, either white or in red wine to make the popular Burgundy cocktail, the Cardinal. Our Crème de Cassis also goes very well with gin or vodka , or even on top of ice cream. Definitely not for children 🙂

This is a limited edition run of Odd Society Crème de Cassis. Get it while supplies last.

Bottle size: 375 ml
Retail price: $22 from the Odd Society tasting lounge. Available for a limited time from the tasting lounge and select private liquor stores.