5 stars all the way. The French Table is a dining experience everyone should enjoy. I have a a slight crush on Gilles our waiter. He's sweet, professional, funny and ever so charming. A real delight! He does his job with such ease he makes the whole dining experience that much more wonderful. Tonight they had a set menu for Valentines. Initially I was a little disappointed but soon got over it when I saw my appetizer arrive. I had the salt spring mussels and clams. Wow, they were much more than I expected. Smoky and rich on top of a toasted piece of bread. I ate it as slow as I could. For the main I had lamb done three ways, with a white bean ragoût. The lamb chop wa so tender it just melted in my mouth...it was incredible. The lamb confit in phyllo pastry was nothing I've tasted before. The shredded lamb was rich with flavour while the pastry was crisp. Dessert was a spinach cake with sweet layers of what seemed like jam. It was delicate and flavourful. This restaurant is perfect for special occasions or just for a romantic night out. They do not have…

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New Brunch Menu

The French Table has a new brunch menu out, enjoy these and other delicious offerings from The French Table brunch menu.   French onion soup. Marinated beet and pickled fennel salad. Croque Monsieur. Sweet Crepes. Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.   Special Omelette

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