The French Table’s Gazpacho Recipe

My English is not the best so I am describing this recipe as if I am explaining it in person. Gazpacho recipe for 4 to 6 people. For the soup: half of a white onion 1 cucumber but use only the seed for the soup the rest will be use later for the garniture 1 garlic glove 2 bell pepper from different color and do the same as the cucumber, use only the trimming from inside the bell pepper for the soup the rest will be use for the garniture 125 ml of olive oil 100 ml of white wine vinegar 1 can or jar of whole peeled plum tomato around 700 ml to 800 ml Except for the cucumber and bell pepper to be use for the garniture (see above), all should be cut into coarse pieces and blended then strained add some salt and pepper to your taste. Keep in the fridge, the cooler the better. For the garniture: Cut in small cube the size of  3 mm the cucumber and the 2 bell pepper, I know it is small but there is not too much to cut , that part is important , when you eat the…

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